Thursday, September 27, 2012

Little Cinderella

Little Cinderella
Little Cinderella
Porn Star Little Cinderella doesn't need any fairy godmother to bring out what's inside of her. It's a petite yet insatiable sexual carnivore who exudes sex appeal with its every provocative movement. Lil' Cinderella has risen through the porn ranks very quickly since her 1996 debut.

Little Cinderella is a cute blonde that accentuates the waif-like aura she already emits. She's got a thin figure that can dish out a surprising amount of sexual athleticism when it's called for . Little Cinderella tore through the porn circuit immediately after her early 1996 debut in a series of pro-am videos. She stole the show in 'Up and Cummers 29' opposite Randy West and Devon Shore and caught the eyes of porn producers.

Max Hardcore liked her work with him in 'Casting Call 17' so much that he quickly scooped her up for a featured role in his 'Max 9.' Cinderella takes home the glass slipper for her three-way romp with Max Hardcore and Barbie Angel. Little Cinderella also turned out Rodney Moore when given the chance in 'Nothing Like Nurse Nookie 3.' She appeared in more than 30 hardcore features.

Little Cinderella AKA Lil' Cinderella (Real name Amber Hunter) began her career in Xbiz in the early 1990s, when she was in her late teens, stripping in Tarrant County joints. She then moved to California, traded in playing to an audience to playing in front of a camera, and became Little Cinderella. Not exactly a wholesome image ripped from the pages of a Disneyland fairy tale, the 4-foot-10 bleached-blonde worked her butt off even by porn industry standards, starring in more than 226 films, including Sorority Sex Kittens 3, War Whores, and, of course, The Triple-X Files. She established her reputation as not only diligent - and short - but distinctive. (One reviewer said her work in 1996's Cherry Poppers 15 was "just white-trash scary.")

But that's all behind her now. Living off money she made out west, Little Cinderella is indulging in the peace and quiet of northeast Tarrant County suburbia, nursing her brother back to health from a motorcycle accident, feeding her two cats, and, most of all, keeping a low profile. "I missed my home and family and moved back right after 9/11," she said. Since her return, she has danced only once, at House of Babes in Burleson, because, she said, she "got bored."

The R&R is well-deserved, considering that she probably lived three lifetimes during her decade in L.A., the town that became her home after she fled the Metroplex in 1994, trouble on her tail. (she won't specify, and Tarrant County shows no record of legal wrongdoing on her part, but she does say that she is "fine" with her past. "It has made me the woman I am today.")

Doing porn "was all about the money," Cinderella said. A porn star can net anywhere from $300 to $2,000 per scene, depending on her reputation and willingness to do just about anything. She eventually reached the apex of the porn heap, going from having sex with nobodies to feigning lovemaking with the likes of her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend and porn superstar Steve Hatcher and The Big Lebowski's Asia Carrera and crossing over into the mainstream. She had a bit part in Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights: "I was the girl who overdosed on cocaine at the pool party,". "It was a great experience."

Little Cinderella was at the top of her game when she and Hatcher broke up. Soured on L.A., she split. She kept in touch with only one member of the industry, a West Coast bartender and porn industry ambassador with whom she exchanged emails for a while.

But while she's out of the porn game, she has kept her alter ego alive via the internet. Fans can still get Little Cinderella's on the web. In person, the tiny starlet has moved on to another side of life.